Worshipping Together

Hebrews 10:19-27

Give God thanks for the liberties we have in this country to assemble ourselves together and worship our God without fear of persecution. Let us take advantage of this liberty.

Have a great day worshipping God on purpose.

Be faithful!


Only One Doctrine

Acts 2:42
(See Amplified Bible)

Doctrine = instruction (the act or the matter).

In our world today there are so many doctrines coming forth that it confuses people. The apostle’s doctrine was received directly from Christ. So we must be teaching directly from God’s Word (the Bible) but we must also be watchful because there are so many different translations that omit many scriptures.
Revelation 22:18-19.

This should be very clear to us.



A Strong Foundation

1 Corinthians 3:9-15

How is your foundation?

Is it strong or is it developing cracks and weakening? Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God must be our foundation and without Him our temple will crumble and be destroyed. I encourage all of us to read and study God’s Word daily allowing it to become a part of us.

Today is a perfect day to have a perfect day.

Be faithful!



Mark 16:15-20

As believers have we forgotten our purpose?

Signs = an indication, miracle, token, wonder.

The only wonder we seem to see today is people wondering why others even go to church. Miracles are still happening and signs are still following God’s Word. No matter what people say or think about us we must continue to be faithful and doers of God’s Word.

Can we do it?
Will we do it?
I believe we will!

Be faithful!



Running The Race

Hebrews 12:1-2

Something to think about — The main goal of all believers should be to find God’s plan for their lives and then go after it with all their might and strength. But most Christians have never even awaken to the fact that God has a special race for them to run! 

Something to think about.

Today is a perfect day for a perfect day as we run the race that is set before us.

Be faithful!



Be Constantly Renewed

Ephesians 4:17-24

Do we walk as other people walk or do we walk as God would have us walk?
Are we as committed to God as we used to be?
Has our understanding been darkened by the ways of the world?
Is our former lifestyle still haunting us?
Are we the clean and pure vessel of God we used to be?
Are we as faithful to God and His Word as we used to be?

We need to think about these things. These questions will require an answer some day.

Be faithful!