Mark 16:15-20.
Good morning! All of you that really know me probably were expecting a scripture like this. But I believe God laid it on my heart.
One of the key words in this scripture is “GO”. If we don’t go then we cannot expect God to move or signs to follow.

Thank you for all your prayers while I was in the Philippines ministering. God moved mightily! I am now back and preparing for another trip later on in the year.

Be blessed!

1 thought on “Go!

  1. Rusty Wilson

    Amen! Go, is a great command for us, the body of Christ to go into our city, our country or into other countries as the God leads and preach the gospel, the Word of God. As we go we will see God move and signs following. Our obedience is a key in our life to yield to Him and do as He says. We know, because we’ve been taught that if miss it, we repent and go on to do want God say’s to do. Praise God for the great reports of the mighty move of God during our Pastor’s trip to the Philippians. What we expected took place and all for the glory of God!


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