How to pray

1 Timothy 2:1-4

We have a great task that has been set before us to pray for those that are in authority.  Too much division in the body of Christ concerning those in authority.  We are called to be UNITED!!! 

We are God’s children!

Be blessed!



2 thoughts on “How to pray

  1. Randy Wilson

    We are to pray for those in authority, whether we agree with them or not, we need to pray that they will make the right decisions and do what is best for those that are under their authority. Whatever decision they make will effect themselves and those under them. God did not say to pray only for those that are believers, if that was true why would we pray for the lost to come to salvation. We must also pray for our pastors, they to need prayer for decisions and that they listen the voice of the Holy Spirit. Try walking in their shoes, oh then you would be held accountable for what you do, you are anyway. Don’t forget to pray for yourself, you are in authority over yourself and trust me we need prayer everyday.

  2. Rusty Wilson

    As we come to the Father in prayer before asking anything, it is important to thank the Father for what He has already done, giving Him thanksgiving and praise for all the blessings He’s given to us and then go into prayer asking for the manifestation of His Word that the need is met, in Jesus’ name. He is the need meeter. He is the supplier of all our need. And also thanking Him once again for meeting the need we have come to Him in prayer for. It is very important to show our Heavenly Father gratitude as we are grateful to Him for all He has done for us and give Him praise for it.


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