Monthly Archives: December 2017

God is Love. Are We?

1 John 4:7-21

  1. All true love has its origin in God.
  2. Real love shows that we have His Spirit and that we belong to Him
  3. It assimilates us to God, or makes us more and more like Him.

Look at verse 8. All of this reveals the truth of our walk with God. Have a great day in your walk of love.

Be faithful!



Adding and Multiplying

2 Peter 1:5-12

Have you ever stopped to think that God is encouraging us to be mathematicians? God works with us in addition and multiplication.

Add = to furnish besides, fully supply, add or contribute.

Being a doer of God’s Word always brings forth great results.

Let’s take this good day and make it a great day in the Lord.

Be faithful!


Don’t Deviate Left or Right

Proverbs 4:20-27

An enlightening portion of scripture but do we really understand?

Keep = guard, to protect, maintain, obey.

We must keep our hearts pure before the Lord. Let not the things of this world possess your heart. the god of this world’s system desires to deceive us and trip us up. Stay true to God’s Word.

Be faithful!



Many Working Together As One

Romans 12:1-5

Our body has many members just as Christ’s body has many members. The question is, do we take good care of both of them. I’m sure the right hand doesn’t compete with the left hand nor does the right eye with the left eye. We must learn to care for and protect each other. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit do not compete with each other. They have always worked together.

Why can’t we work together? Something to think about.

Have a great day.

Be faithful!


Every Scripture is Profitable

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Profitable = helpful, serviceable, advantageous.

We must understand there are two Testaments, Old and New. Both are necessary for our understanding of God and His purposes and intentions. Study the whole Bible and you will be stronger in the Lord.

Be faithful!