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There is No Fear in Love

Good morning!

1 John 4:18-21

I want us to notice four things in this portion of scriptures. There is no fear in love, there is no torment in love, there is no hate in love, and there is no lying in love. This really narrows the playing field. We are victorious! We have God’s power! We are more than conquerors! Philippians 4:19.

Be blessed!

Be loving!


Fully Perform All the Duties of Your Ministry

Good morning!

2 Timothy 4:1-5

This portion of scriptures really says a lot about who and what we should be. We really need to be honest with ourselves as to where we stand in relationship with these scriptures. I want to ask all of us to be open to the Holy Spirit as we read and study these scriptures. We are all called to be ministers of the gospel of Christ.

Be blessed!



Through the Bible In One Year



  1. Genesis 1-3
  2. Genesis 4-7
  3. Genesis 8:1-11:9
  4. Genesis 11:10-14:13
  5. Genesis 14:14-18:8
  6. Genesis 18:9-21:21
  7. Genesis 21:22-24:27
  8. Genesis 24:28-26:35
  9. Genesis 27-29
  10. Genesis 30:1-31:42
  11. Genesis 31:43-34:31
  12. Genesis 35:1-37:24
  13. Genesis 37:25-40:8
  14. Genesis 40:9-42:28
  15. Genesis 42:29-45-15
  16. Genesis 45:16-48:7
  17. Genesis 48:8-50:26; Exodus 1
  18. Exodus 2:1-5:9
  19. Exodus 5:10-8:15
  20. Exodus 8:16-11:10
  21. Exodus 12:1-14:20
  22. Exodus 14:21-17:16
  23. Exodus 18:1-21:21
  24. Exodus 21:22-25:9
  25. Exodus 25:10-27:21
  26. Exodus28-29
  27. Exodus 30-32
  28. Exodus 33:1-35:29
  29. Exodus 35:30-37:29
  30. Exodus 38:1-40:16
  31. Exodus 40:17-38; Leviticus 1-4

January Bible Study

Good morning!

Happy New Year again to all of you! For the month of January I’m asking everyone that will to spend time reading and studying the book of Ezekiel. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to help us with this. We are definitely living in the end time. Jesus will soon return for His church. We must be prepared!

Be blessed, prosperous, and highly favored of God!

Welcome to 2015!

Good Morning!

Happy New Year!

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

Are we ready? Are we prepared? Are we living the life that we should be living for this to happen to us? I pray so!! It’s a good time for ourselves to see. God will not force us so it will have to be voluntary. The liberty that is spoken of is for us to be just like Jesus here on earth.

Be Blessed!