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Nigeria Missions Trip


A report on the missions trip to Nigeria.

Flew out of Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport on Wednesday, November 27 with a short layover in Atlanta Georgia. Then from there to Lagos Nigeria arriving there on Thursday, November 28.
Thursday evening attended Victory Celebration 2013. Pastor Tony Olukoyede ministered both Thursday night and Friday night services. What a dynamic minister! The word of God was powerful with signs and wonders following. I ministered Saturday evening and the Holy Spirit touched many lives. What a joy it is to be an instrument of God!
Sunday morning I ministered again and the Holy Spirit was moving and touching people’s lives and the people were very receptive. Was pushed for time but God ministered to me to pray for women that were having problems conceiving. Six women came forward to be prayed for. Three of the six were believing for pregnancy with twins. Talk about stretching your faith! I ask for their husbands to come forward to see that they were in agreement. This is something I require when praying like this. I prayed and agreed with them and they will all become pregnant and that three will have twins!
After the ministry of the word of God Pastor Julius Sajuyigbe (the host Pastor and great friend) introduced his new book “The Making of a King”. A very powerful book and is very easy reading.
Monday was a very busy day of meetings with various Pastors and ministers with much discussion on the move of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. There is a great hunger in Nigeria. Had a tremendous meeting with Pastor Tony Olukoyede.
Monday evening we traveled a short distance but taking over two hours because of traffic to Covenant University the University has over 5,000 students and the university sets on about 800-1000 acres. It has the largest freestanding church auditorium in the world which seats 50,000 people with four services every Sunday and they are packed to capacity. We spent two days here meeting with ministers and faculty. Wednesday evening the service was in their smaller auditorium seating 5,000 people and it was full to capacity. A powerful Word of God came forth, “Who We Are”! What a very enlightening and encouraging time we had. Pastor Julius’s daughter was with us these two days. She is truly a “Princess”. Very beautiful and very precious. We returned to Lagos on Thursday, December 5.
Going to the airport to head home was quite an experience. Did I mention that Lagos has a population of over 16 million people? That’s right! Over 16 million people. Needless to say, getting to the airport which was 12 to 13 miles away from where we were took over two hours. Here at home Anderson has a population of 1961 people. So the drive to Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport was quite an experience. When I left Lagos the temperature was 95°. When I arrived home on December 6 at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport the temperature was 18° with a snowpacked runway. What a contrast. A lady from South Carolina was sitting next to me on the plane and could not believe that we were landing on snowpacked runways. I just mentioned to her, wait until you see the roads and the highways. She said, “Sir, you are not making this any better!” But we are definitely blessed and are part of the country. I thank God for McDonald County and Anderson, Missouri. My hometown!
However, this trip was an awesome, power packed trip. It’s always a life-changing experience for me. I am so thankful that God allows me to travel to the nations.